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This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group.
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I'm a member and I can't access the community site

There are several reasons why this could happen. First make sure you're logging into the correct site.

  • If you're using the SAFARI browser, please try using something else. We have numerous reports from many members stating that Safari does not allow them to log in, while other browsers work without issues.
  • If you're a member of the blue Energetic Synthesis site, log in here, and if you're a member of the green ES Foundations site, make sure you're loging in here.
  • Then be sure that your username and password are correct (with all the sites we log in these days it's easy to get confused. You can request a password reset from the "Forgot Login?" link.
  • Also make sure that your PayPal account is still current and your subscription hasn't expired. Please don't re-subscribe if the last payment on your subscription was successful. We've had issues with PayPal (out of our hands) creating duplicate subscriptions which go undetected when users re-subscribe while their current subscription is active.
  • Lastly, delete cache and try again.

If you still can't log in, please contact us here.

You may also want to ask your question in the comments below and we'll answer it, or another member will answer it (wink, wink!) this way we can have an organically expanding FAQs.

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