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Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of a Human Being with Divinity (the Inner Spirit) and the Unification between all life expressions and its levels of opposite.
Introduction Audio
Required Reading
Much of this knowledge has been esoteric and hidden for centuries in many Mystery School teachings and Ancient Wisdom philosophies that carried down this knowledge through certain blood lineages.
Required Reading
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Build the spiritual house for your highest consciousness. Practice ES Core Triad Daily to build spiritual strength.
ES Core Triad
Spiritual Maturity
To stop the dark from manipulating your energy and influencing your body, you have to stop it in its tracks and in all ways refuse its authority or control over your being in every way.
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The “Hieros Gamos System” or (HGS) has been compiled from the direct personal consciousness experiences of the author through the facilitation of thousands of individual and group energetic clearing sessions, as well as the direct kundalini awakening and subsequent contact with extraterrestrial races. This extraterrestrial contact has shaped the body of work and author’s perspective as sourcing from the paradigm of being a Free Cosmic Citizen, as well as a “Guardian” living in agreement on planet Earth. The educational reference and information being shared within this system is the mission and body of work of a combined collaboration between extraterrestrial and human resources.  The system is intended as a multidimensional energetic tool to support the consciousness paradigm shift during the Ascension Cycle to protect freedom, liberation and sovereignty for humanity and the planet Earth. This system comprises the collective work of the Energetic Synthesis Community and the polarity integration modeling which is the group soul mission of various extraterrestrial races now incarnating and awakening on the earth.  In order to create the neutral field of zero point on planet earth, mastering the integration of all polarity energies and archetypes in matter is a collective Starseed mission. This System is designed for this specific group as an educational reference and communication link-up, to heal, gain clarity and receive Guardian mentorship for current and future life assignments. However, this System resource will greatly serve any dedicated and sincere initiate who desires freedom in their heart.  There is no value difference placed on the role each human has chosen for their expression.


This system will help to develop the user’s Higher Sensory Perception (HSP) in the ability to feel, sense and direct consciousness energies for positive growth, spiritual evolution and holistic healing purposes. You will be trained to develop the Neutral Observer Point within, and, through applied energetic awareness, to increase self-mastery, to mentally focus, and to direct those thoughts energetically to make upgrades, clearings and physical corrections.  At any level of beginner, intermediate or advanced, the System is designed to increase and support furthering consciousness perception, and to continually develop those abilities in order to free one from suppression, oppression, possession and mind control limitations. Through the setting of the system encryption pathways, and following the numerical sequences, one can be educated to participate directly with their own energy and spiritual bodies, impacting and effecting change to transform and harmonize their outward manifestations and various life experiences. When we are aligned to our spiritual source and know how to access our energetic essence and core, we are able to return to inner energetic balance which allows a peaceful harmony to pervade our being and therefore our life experiences. As we access our inner spiritual light source we are able to comprehend our blueprint and mission and our lives take a special meaning in living our true purpose.

Healing and Clearing

Energetic Healing and clearing is nonverbal and nonlinear from the ego’s mental body perspective. If we think too much or have bias, we block sensory feeling and also block potential healing and clearing pathways.  The physical body is a manifestation of the inner spiritual and energetic life force. All that outwardly manifests in your life experience has a blueprint at the energetic levels of the body controlling those functions.  Therefore it makes sense to restore balance to the energies of the body in order to restore the balanced function of the whole body system.

The human body, both physically and energetically, manifests health and well- being when a balance of life force (chi) energy is maintained. The human body is naturally self-healing when homeostasis is achieved within the bodies regulating mechanisms, or when a balanced flow of energies can circulate throughout all bodily systems. When we understand our body and identity as multidimensional we will need to address all inner, outer and in-between spaces (multidimensionality) of our biology and its spiritual energetic processes in order to regain personal freedom. Personal freedom is being freed of all constructs of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual suffering, torment or limitation.

As we regain the memory of our ability to personally heal and clear ourselves to be freed from such mechanisms of suffering, we will be able to clearly perceive the root cause of our suffering. At the core level, immense suffering always exists within the disconnection and/or interference between our body and our connection to our own spiritual energetic bodies and their source light.  Absolutely all living things have a blueprint and access to that source light. When a living thing is blocked access to its source light, it gets sick, diseased, depressed and the DNA instruction set deteriorates rapidly. Through this system you will identify and locate those multidimensional parts that are disconnected, damaged or stolen, reclaim and reconnect them to achieve inner balance and union with your multidimensional selves. Achieving union with your multidimensional selves and their various parts is called polarity integration. Through the alchemical process of polarity integration (synthesis) within your body, positive and negative charges emanate a neutral charge field, the zero point. The zero point is a non-polarized charged field, and is the access to inner balance, health and wellbeing as well as the key to Unity consciousness or embodying the Christos intelligence, a plasma light wave.

Being Inner Sustained is the Healing Prototype

Many systems of personal healing and spiritual expansion have been promoted for use in the New Age, Mystery School or the “2012” paradigm for many years. Most of those systems do not take into account an accurate assessment of the planetary reptilian invasion which currently promotes the slavery, consumption, stealing and karmic manipulation of humanity and their energy resources. These Reptilian Vampires exist in order to manipulate energies through “divide and conquer” methods to increase human slavery and unleash their sociopathic agendas to rule or command influence in the physical world. Most of that influence is unknown and unseen within the mass populace and highly misunderstood by the Starseed and Indigo population that actually have seen or experienced these entities.

Due to heavy infiltration and hijack of many of these “personal healing” or “spiritual expansion” systems, inner sustained healing is not present when using a “consumptive model” as a control mechanism. That consumptive model system usually has a Twilight Master or dark entity that makes an agreement with the user to exchange a part of their light source for the experienced relief of pain, or other perceived oppressions being cleared. The person having no personal awareness, spiritual interest or conscious control over his own energy field, has just been swindled out of his energy body, for the smoke and mirror effect of having some “pain” in his physical body be released as an apparent “miracle healing”. Applied consciousness technology is not a miracle, it is a byproduct of God’s Natural Laws. If we can apply and live in harmony with those natural laws for positive purposes, it greatly amplifies our support and connection to the spiritual light source in the physical world. 

In the past those that have had access to these consciousness technologies, and have abused these Laws from ego agendas, became diluted and distorted, descending them into a Black Magician/Ego Controller - type being. Many controller mechanisms operate in the planet today. However, when aligned to Spiritual Source Light these same Laws that have been so abused represent the Mysteries of the Universe, and represent the true origin and purpose of our creation in the Universe.  This is why we must bring the spiritual light source into our awareness. The priority is to access inner sustained healing and to end the manipulation inherent in consumptive modeling and energetic vampirism of others, thereby claiming your own inner spiritual light to nourish and sustain healthy balance back into your bodies.

An attempt to share this information of how to become “inner sustained” is being made to empower the human being to be freed of this insidious “consumptive model” oppression. Once a system is infiltrated with base desires or selfish ego, the system is not sustainable as it only collects energies from one group to steal from another group in order to achieve a temporary result, (Like a ponzi or pyramid scheme) or give a small percentage of people who manipulate the energies the energetic advantage over others. This is the abuse of consciousness technology and is known as “Black Magic” (i.e. many of the world leaders and their families that own the resources of the planet have been directly given this knowledge or parts of it to maintain the dominate power, economy and influence over controlling others).

This system (HGS) is foundationally based to build your own spiritual house (align and connect and heal your bodies) so that you may learn to become inner sustained and protected by your own inner light source. There is nothing more powerful than your direct connection to the God Source.

Possession is Common

Most people do not realize that we must take the steps to participate with our consciousness and energetic intelligence in order to experience the tangible support and presence of our guidance, mentors and Universal Intelligence.  Many people from their veil of confusion have forgotten who they are and how to communicate with their inner spirit. This disconnection,  itself originating in the control mechanisms of stolen light described above,  has made many humans vulnerable to a host of manipulating entities that desire to create anxiety, pain and fear in that individual in order to harvest those energies. When we are making decisions and guiding our life from the basis of fear, we become tormented and attract more of these dark forces.  We may also be unaware of the lifeless or dead energy flow in our physical body and develop disease or chronic pain as a result of that blocked energy flow. From this perspective I have personally viewed many unconscious human beings totally unaware they are carrying dead energy, displaced entities, negative alien implants, unaware that they are soul disconnected and mind controlled to limit further consciousness expansion. In other terms, this is enslavement of the person without their consent. 

If this persists, combined with continued destructive behavior to the self and others that are repeated as life patterns, the person becomes sucked into a density of painfully low self-esteem, phobias, fears and addictions. Most of the time that will include layers of astral debris, displaced entities, impersonal elemental forces, and sometimes, includes full demonic possession. Being possessed does not generally mean you are levitating off the bed or acting “demonic”. There is absolutely no shame or guilt applied to this state unless the suffering person applies it from their own state of fragmented confusion.  It is through the possession of one’s body of which the suffering and pain is greatly increased, until this possession is removed and cleared from your person. There are a million different variations of possession possible; however, the only possibility to evict these possessions is to get clear within yourself, and learn that you have the power to heal yourself and claim your energetic sovereignty and freedom. When one learns to create the space inside to communicate clearly and embody one’s spiritual source, one can begin the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering. 

Connecting Neurological Energy Receivers

From the perspective of this multidimensional system, spiritual disconnection, pain and disease are also directly caused from the blockages in the neurological stations located in the body, as well as damaged or blocked energy receivers in the spiritual body. As you learn to connect and unblock these neurological systems and energy receivers, you are altering the controlling mechanisms that exert messaging made on your Central Nervous System (CNS). Therefore the energetic healing and clearing also comes at the physiological levels by managing the influence the CNS has made upon the physical body functions. All pain is experienced through the neurological system which messages the brain that transfers that pain to be perceived at a physical body part or site. This means that the location of the pain is never the origin of the pain or suffering in the body.  Physical, mental and emotional pain place blocks on inner perceptions as well as deep blocks on emotional growth and spiritual expansion. One cannot experience spiritual (consciousness) expansion without emotional expansion, so when we are emotionally traumatized it is nearly impossible to achieve personal freedom until we resolve these conflicts.  When these energetic blockages are resolved and removed, the pain, suppression or memory causing the blockage is also removed. The user will learn to identify, locate, remove and repair multidimensional layers of these blockages to achieve inner balance and therefore, personal freedom.