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Ascension is a change in Spectrum of Frequency through Kundalini awakening and a change in the focus of our Consciousness.
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Meditation helps to clear Negative Ego and the Pain Body which develops Consciousness.
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Dimensions are fixed groupings of energy within specific geometric arranged forms (space and time) and are built upon crystallized conscious units of sound and light called Morphogenetic Fields or manifestation templates of the 12 Tree Grid.
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Q. Are there purposes for particular countries as a whole to bring the ascension process? A lot of info comes out of a limited amount of countries, especially the USA. Are there particular tribes, masters, guides focused on one country?

A. In terms of particular countries, the guardians have said that about the USA at this time, that the torch is being given to the north American continent. As this is all the divine plan of splitting the reality structures, the splitting of frequencies, and what is happening to us in USA, both economically and politically - is that splitting apart. This is the amplification of polarities.  We are watching a part of our ascension process that is working on a karmic level between the history of bloodlines and genetic lineages. Political lines are also drawn in ancient genetic lines at this time. Being on that level to bring ascension energies in here first, there are vortices around the planet and key power spots. Around key power spots there are (indigo) beings genetically encoded with that particular energetic lineage to support that area of the earth. Kauai is a 12d portal access and power spot. Many of us are here as guardians of the earth to incarnate, (in training) to bring 12d pillar frequencies and build portals and set them up in certain spaces that we are called to be, all over the planet. This stabilizes areas of the planet that are chaotic in the field. Where areas are energetically stabilized they are also stabilized, politically, economically and socially. Energetic upheavals, weather and climatic anomalies also appear in weaker gridlines of the planetary body, when naturally occurring, and when being manipulated by outside technology. (Source QA, Sept. 2007)