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Compiled UFO Footage

Dear ES Family, 

I would like to share these youtube videos for your consideration. I have been impressed with this young person's style, in his presentation of compiled UFO videos. No pomp and circumstance added, no heavy rap music, this person just puts what he believes he has verified together in a monthly UFO sighting snapshot, with no personal bias or commentary, and the combined video is quite impressive. It is very clear that the variation, the kind of multiple species, with both biological ufo and technology ufo's, are showing themselves in our visible spectrum very clearly. Many of them, naturally , are in the hot spots of changing energies, and he puts the locations also, which is very helpful. Many people are currently unaware that the Ascension Cycle and return of Extraterrestrials to the planet is related and is obviously happening all over the world. Mainstream media makes a jokes around it and crucifies people who claim to personally see UFO's. People are terrified to admit what they are looking at, or to tell their story around UFO abduction. This must stop. We must stop persecuting human beings for telling their experiences around this very real phenomena. It is happening and we as a species need to grow up and deal with what is happening to our planet.

I appreciate this person's service, as goodness knows this takes a lot of work. Whomever you are, I thank you very much.

Hope you enjoy these! Love, Lisa

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