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These classes are fundamental to Ascension Theory and building the context to comprehend the nature of the changing physics governing our reality, as well as the spiritual awakening process that all planet earth inhabitants are undergoing now.
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Here are some basic spiritual housekeeping tools to explore and experiment with. Everyone is unique and must learn what works the best for them in a variety of circumstances.
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Sometimes we need some help getting ourselves back to clarity and balance. Krystal Aegis (KA) is a Self study Guardian support program to clear out negative energies. KA Meditations are in the Shop.
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Psychic Self Defense describes the various phenomena related to psychic attack or energetic drain. See the PSD Classes in the Shop.
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Building Holy Mother’s Peach Ankh Body

Building of Holy Mother’s Peach Ankh Body inside our sacral center.


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1. ES Ascension Meditation – May 2023

Building Holy Mother’s Peach Ankh Body : In this meditation we will address the Building of Holy Mother’s Peach Ankh Body inside our sacral center which has an organic clearing impact on the lower sexual centers and corrects inverted sexual creative forces of descending serpent fire, along with transforming assorted lunar distortions, such as sexual misery programs and their structures.

If you have been severely sexually traumatized it is not suggested to use this meditation without having already been deeply committed to emotional clearing and sexual healing when recovering from post-traumatic stress of sexual abuse. This is an advanced clearing so please proceed with caution and deep love and respect for your body. To proceed with this meditation, it is suggested to ask your higher self if you are ready to continue with this sexual energy clearing in the form of asking Yes or NO (36:35 minutes).

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