Where to Start

We realize that there is so much variety in the individual Ascension Stages and our material compiled here may be overwhelming to navigate. Please take in only what feels right for you and discard the rest. However, we have some quick suggestions on how to begin right now. Take a 30 day challenge with the 12D Shield and refocusing your Ego Mind and see the results you get with daily use!

Please be aware that ES Community is an online study environment of ES materials, and although we are focused on Ascension support, the mission of the organization is centered around studies and practices of the Law of One, and a spiritual commitment to clearing negative ego, mind control, and developing an basic awareness of context and use of ES related terms. 

I feel that some testing of the waters and gaining more familiarity with ES tools will be helpful. There are many free tools that you can access for support.

Please work with the free tools on the Krystal Aegis website and workbook (see below). If you are doing fine and feel resonant with the ES material, then return back to me. My concern is psychic aggression and spiritual warfare, as this has been very heavy and escalating during recent weeks. I’d like to see you a bit more prepared before entering the community field.

It is positive that you want to do the right thing, through the attempt to develop personal integrity and ethical conduct in so you are not used as a pawn in the mind control game. So that means you must educate yourself to not be a pawn, and to sharpen your mental and emotional discipline, while studying the war over consciousness. If you do not understand the nature of reality, or how the darkness works to exploit your weakness, then you will fail. We all can learn our lessons, but it depends how fast you want to either crash and burn out, or address this challenge with some degree of patience, diligence and maturity.

I have compiled the information below as the suggested introduction to a context of understanding the changes happening on the planet now during the Ascension Cycle. Many more human beings are awakening to sense more urgency in their spiritual development through paranormal experiences, higher sensory perception (HSP), extra-dimensional entity communications, and an incredible array of multi-dimensional experiences.

The following are important steps to introduce you to the ES material and provide tools to utilize right away! Please browse and try out all the material as you feel guided, however, please note: the Ascension material is densely packed with information and often overwhelming for people newly acquainting with these terms. Take it in at your own pace, however, remain consistent and dedicated with your practice and you will experience many improvements, such as in mental and emotional freedom. 

All of these steps are a part of committing to the ES Core Triad practices every day.

Educate Yourself


  • To Discern which Thought Impulses source from Lower-Higher Self and Mind Control Agendas. Learn how to feel, develop HSP and Self Source personal thoughts. What are you thinking? Is it spiritually healthy?
  • Learn how to be Psycho-Emotionally Balanced to create a Centered Spiritual Self, (See Below)
  • To comprehend the Insidious Nature of Mind Control used on this planet.
  • Develop Road Map to clear Negative Ego Impulses and develop Immunity to Thought Control and Automaton Behaviors.
  • To Discern False New Age Channeling or Modalities or Presumed Authority that want to take your Power or Manipulate through Lower Emotional States. Avoid New Age Material Hijacked with Vampirism or Cult mentality.
  • To Discern Emotional Manipulation at the many levels its perpetrated in your life and be free of its impact upon you.
  • To Claim 100% Responsibility for your Thoughts and Emotional States through Personal Self Containment and Inner Sustainability.
  • This develops your Inner Personal Power to Command Dominion within Your Personal Space – GSF!

How to Refocus your Mind


The above is a graph of a Psychological Centering Model to use to better gauge thoughts that are recurring in either polarity. The two main polarity groups the brain likes to occupy itself with are "Superior" or "Inferior" thoughts.

When using your Mental Discipline Refocus technique 1, identify the thought as stemming from Negative Ego (Reptilian) Brain and Revalue it from its control over your emotional body and your other selves. When you drop into either an Inferior or Superior thought-form immediately label it as Negative Ego and Dis-Identify with the thought as defining your value or true nature. Do not let negative thoughts control you. Refocus and affirm the correct thought pattern.

Success happens when you do not allow yourself to go into "Auto Response" triggers. Identify the "trigger" thought-form and immediately "Re-label" it as it is happening in your perception. The faster you identify the trigger and stop letting your mind go on "auto-pilot", the faster you will see success through "relief". The goal is to not feel a negative response or emotional charge to any thought-form that used to trigger negative thoughts, such as panic and anxiety. You want to remain in neutral association to the trigger thought pattern. When you correct the thought, you can mentally command neutral association to the pattern to correct it.

Inquiry on Attention

What is your priority in your life? Where do you place your attention and focus?

Without a clear foundation set for developing the inner core essence as our first priority, we can be bombarded with energetic slime and become a doormat, sacrificial lamb or parasite food. This causes our energetic body to be clouded with astral debris and therefore exist within a confused state of inner perception. Being unclear and directed from ego judgment in any kind of perception, whether towards yourself or others, is energetically draining and completely unsustainable in the new energy platform. For these reasons we must learn to become aware of our thoughts and emotions, as well as our behaviors and the impact they have on ourselves and others.

Developing Self Awareness does not happen automatically through reading books or mental concepts. It is through specific activities and feeling experiences that we are able to increase our power of observation. It is the power of observation or witnessing, that gives us the personal power to change our core beliefs (when we are made aware of them) that may be destructive or create blockages to connect with our inner spirit.

    1. How do your thoughts and words impact how you feel?
    2. How do your instinctual desires unconsciously drive your behaviors?
    3. How do hidden core beliefs affect your day to day happiness?

Do an inventory of personal thoughts and identify them as Inferior or Superior**, or as love thoughts or fear thoughts. Make a choice right now which thoughts you want to own and those you want to discard. As a goal use the above spiritual self-centering model to keep your mind balanced and stay in centered loving and neutral thoughts. How long can you stay there in the center? Make it a goal to improve your ability to stay within the essence and energy of the keywords that maintain your spiritual center. Bring yourself back to center with breath, and applying neutral association to circumstances when you fall out of inner balance.

    • Superior Thinking: Intolerance, Impatience, Arrogance, Manipulation, Attack, Anger, Judgmental thinking
    • Inferior Thinking: Worry, Low Self Love or Esteem, Jealousy, Guilt, Hurt, Fear, Attachment, Martyrdom.

What are your Beliefs?

Motivation influences perception, Perception influences beliefs, Beliefs influence actions.

    • Motivations
    • Perceptions
    • Beliefs
    • Actions

The three major motivation problems to overcome in the Buddhist tradition are greed, anger and delusion. If these constitute much of your motivation then your perceptions, beliefs and actions can be twisted. This may be a helpful model to help with understanding ourselves better as well as the motivation of others around us.

Building Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the value of a person's worth and there are a lot of factors that come into play, especially in helping a person fell more confident about himself, which is also a primary factor in establishing a person's outlook towards personal inspiration and feeling as a success. On the spiritual Ascension pathway, recognizing the importance of character building as a necessary part of having self love and self acceptance is critical to progress through self deception blocks. When we have low self esteem our psychological defense mechanisms will act to block our progress moving forward and evolving in life. One who understands they are a loved and worthy spiritual vessel for the spirit of God Source, will begin to learn that self love is at the core of self acceptance which is the quality one must build to truly feel and experience God's love for all of us. Once we feel love for ourselves we build inner confidence which further builds our trust with life.

Ascension Glossary

The Ascension Glossary can be used to pick random pages and build your Ascension comprehension by clicking on links that carry through to various terms or definitions, as well as work with various practices as outlined in the suggested techniques under “ES Core Triad” practices. 

HSP Exercise:

Please get familiar with the website if you feel called to understand this material. This simple HSP exercise can help one navigate the large array of materials to find exactly what is beneficial in the moment. Practice asking Yes or No.

More Suggestions

Ascension Class Videos:
We are required during these times to change what our belief systems through the re-education of human value, providing new human evolutionary context, and understanding that consciousness is intelligent energy, along with the fact that we share this Universe with many other species of life and existences. The first stages of Introduction to Ascension Theory and its evolution context, the terms and understanding the human paradigm shift are offered freely as classes on YouTube channel.

People who have mental questions, the more philosophical, historical or what is the nature of reality questions, it is suggested to read through the monthly newsletters and weekly blogs. It is just not possible to reformat all the information that has been shared with the public since 2005, in order to answer the many individual inquiries that come in. In addition to the newsletters and blogs the ascension glossary is an amazing resource, where you can look for specific types of information and follow all associated links for further exploration. Using search engines, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Podcast: Listen to the newsletter podcast on a topic that you are feeling pulled towards. There is an audio mp3 player included in every months Ascension article. You can also subscribe to the podcast.
  • ES Core Triad Daily Practices: Learn the basic suggested daily practices. 1. Resolve authority and declare to serve highest expression 2. Build a 12D Christos Shield 3. Commit to resolve and clear fear based programming.

Krystal Aegis

Krystal Star Guardian Spiritual Support System

The Krystal Aegis site is a free standalone website designed for more single-minded focus on working to clear fears with a suggested 90 Day program. This Spiritual Support System is intended for when there is an commitment to discipline the mind to clear negative ego and darkness through learning basic methods that increase mental and emotional self-control. The Krystal Aegis Booklet is a 90 day intercession Five Step Process to request Krystal Star Guardian Spiritual Support, intended to protect the soul body and directly evict possession, or related attachments that create addiction or mind control problems that invite dark forces in one’s life.

Become an ES Foundation Member

ES Community has a web based internet community forum which is supported through its membership. New members go to the esfoundations.com site to begin to learn about the body of work, and decide if they are attuned to the mission statement and community purpose that is organized around the practices of the Law of One. The membership allows the support of the free tools, content, web expenses, and the Ascension related videos. The Membership within ES Community is intended and designed to support an Awakening and Ascending Community, through the gathering, sharing of experiences and having the spiritual awakening tools with proper empowering context, vast amounts of meditation clearings, and the core reinforcement principle of self –sovereignty whereby one learns to discern energies and entities that are here en masse on planet earth today. The core Principles of ES community are founded and based upon the Law of One and Relationship Mastery as set forth on the website.

ES has a commitment to integrity and we are working with small resources to support and help as many human beings as we are capable, primarily through internet communication, to have an empowering context and tools that relieve the sensation of fear, anxiety, depression and extreme isolation when undergoing the natural and normal process of spiritual awakening. We hope these tools are of great service to you and those you feel may benefit, as you share them with others.

Building and maintaining the website materials and community is a huge project, and it is our hope it serves more awakening humans to empower themselves through being re-educated to build their own self-focused inner healing connections. Thank you for your inquiry.

Blessings on your journey, Lisa Renee

GSF Steward of the Law of One